Stuttgart Exchange Students Attend SJA


Students attending St. Johnsbury Academy from the Kraerherwald Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany include: front row from left, chaperone Ludwig Digomann, Florian Haerle, Lorenz von dem Knesebeck, Florence Osthoff, Alina Sophie Allgoewer and Iris Fricke; back row, Balthasar Geib, Levin Arnold, Niklas Frank and Tim Harr. Not pictured is chaperone Sophie Schreiber.

Students from the Kraerherwald Waldorf School in Stuttgart, Germany arrive at St. Johnsbury Academy each fall to participate in the Academy's Global Connections Program, a unique cultural exchange program created by the two schools. The German students, accompanied by a teacher-chaperone, attend classes at the Academy and live with area host families throughout their six-week stay.

Glenn Ehrean, director of the Academy's Colwell Center for Global Understanding, said. "During their stay, the German students experience total immersion into America's educational system and culture."

Each student is expected to take two academic courses, including English, and two electives. During their stay this year, the German students have visited New York City for a weekend, hiked Mt. Wheeler and enjoyed the beautiful autumn foliage, and shot skeet. They will return to Germany on Oct. 3 after participating in a farewell chapel in Fuller Hall on Oct. 2.

Ehrean continued, "The success of this program depends upon the support of the Academy faculty who welcome the Stuttgart students into their classes for six weeks, and host families who dutifully look after their new children and show them the wonders of Vermont and New England."


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