LITTLETON, NH -- The Children's House in Littleton recently completed their weekly ski program at Cannon Mountain Ski Area in Franconia Notch State Park. The program has been held for over 30 consecutive years covering a six-week period beginning in January and ending in March. An important part of the curriculum at The Children's House focuses on outdoor programs and keeping students active.

The school's close proximity to Cannon Mountain provides an ideal opportunity to introduce children to the sport of skiing while getting them outdoor exercise during the winter months. Approximately 10 children, ages 3-6, participated in the program which includes a one-hour lesson with Cannon Mountain ski instructors, snack break, and free time to ski until noon. Parents and children who still have enough energy are encouraged to stay and spend the entire day on the snow.

The majority of the program is conducted on Cannon's Tuckerbrook Beginner Area and other beginner trails. On days when the weather cooperates, some children are accomplished enough skiers to take Cannon's Aerial Tramway to the summit. Each winter the children also visit the New England Ski Museum located at the tramway base to learn more about local history.

"The school is dedicated to having a year-round selection of active programs that take advantage of our local environment. We're really fortunate to have nearby attractions and activities such as Cannon Mountain Ski Area that stimulate the kids physically and mentally." noted Rachel Angelias, The Children's House's board member. The Children's House is a non-profit Montessori School, enrolling approximately 42 students from 18 months to 6 years in age. For more information on The Children's House, call (603) 444-6464.


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