Troy School's Fourth Graders Thank Sen. Starr


Each Monday, The Orleans County Record arrives at Troy School's fourth-grade classroom. Excitement fills the classroom as we enjoy reading about community events. We also enjoy reading the story Sole Survivor and answering the comprehension question.

This year we really wanted to send a special thank you to our sponsor, Sen. Robert Starr for his generous contribution and to let him know how much we enjoy reading the newspaper. As a class we voted to make a hand-made quilt intertwined with a piece of Vermont history. Each of us individually designed a picture to share our vision of Vermont with Sen. Starr. We, the students, meticulously hand tied the quilt with Troy School's colors green and gold. The outcome was a gift of Vermont memories for Sen. Starr to enjoy.

The individually designed quilt pieces hold the beauty of Vermont. Brian Kirsch designed his picture of Ben & Jerry's ice cream as a symbol of one of Vermont's leading employers and best ice-cream flavors. As Vermont farms diminish Kelsey Davis, Rebecca Mills, Kaylee Mayhew and Aaliyah Descheneau artistically designed pictures of their vision of current Vermont dairy farms. To show the importance of our Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department Sam Austin, Jeremy Lacasse, Christian Gregoire, Dominic Young, Makayla Banuelos and Nicholas Choquette represented attractive pictures of Vermont's wildlife. Representing Vermont symbols Taylor Coull drew a magnificent picture of the State Animal the Morgan Horse, Lilly Davis crafted a beautiful picture of the state bird the Hermit Thrush, Ally Santaw sketched a wonderful drawing of the State Fossil White Whale, Catherine Harrison and Emma Drake represented our Vermont State Tree, the Sugar Maple, and Abigail Desjarlais portrayed Vermont's State Pie, the Apple Pie. To show the importance of Vermont's recreation and tourism Dillon Coderre penciled in his view of skiing at Jay Peak. Marissa Simpson felt that a quilt would not be complete without including a Vermont School because that where learning starts.

We fourth graders put our whole heart into making the quilt and hope that Sen. Robert Starr enjoys it as much as we have enjoyed reading the Orleans County Record.

Submitted by Linda Perry's fourth-grade students at Troy School.


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