UVM Outreach Efforts Celebrated at TRiO Upward Bound Sophomore Summit


Attending the UVM Sophomore Summit from Lyndon State College’s Upward Bound Program were: from left, Brooklyn Colby, Daniel Cliché and Kate Bickford, all from Lyndon Institute; Merrick Marchesseault and Mallorie Biron, both from Canaan Memorial School; Matt Allen and Marissa Eldred, both from Craftsbury Academy; Bess Reed from LI; Thomas Mailloux from Canaan; Samantha Turgeon and Bria Willis, both from St. Johnsbury Academy; and Alyssa Cote from Danville School.

BURLINGTON -- Forty-six high school sophomores were welcomed onto the University of Vermont campus on Oct. 29 for the fourth annual UVM Upward Bound Sophomore Summit. The Summit brings together Upward Bound TRiO program participants in the 10th grade from across the state and the region for a day of exciting college exploration, and is hosted by the UVM Office of Admissions.

The highlight of the day came from Catherine Diamond, senior assistant director of admissions, who gave the students an insider's look at the admissions process from start to finish. Diamond took students through each step of evaluating a student's application from the transcript, to SAT scores, to extracurricular activities, the essay and more. She not only gave students tips on how to plan to be college ready academically, but also offered encouragement to the room of first in family students as they begin on the road to find the right college for them. Throughout the day students were also able to tour the campus, eat lunch in Harris Millis dining hall, and attend a special lecture by Sociology Prof. Kathy Fox.

UVM offers this outstanding event to TRiO students as part of their continued commitment to serving Vermont students. It is also part of their ongoing efforts to support first in family and modest income students in their journey to pursue postsecondary education. Welcoming these students onto the University campus makes a tremendous impact on the students' overall college preparation and their ability to continue envisioning themselves a college bound students.

Upward Bound is one of the federally funded TRiO educational opportunity programs through the United States Department of Education, funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Vermont's TRiO programs assist over 12,000 middle school, high school and college bound adults throughout the state. The Upward Bound program serves high school students who are dedicated to pursuing their postsecondary dreams, and provides the academic background, college preparatory experiences, and support needed to succeed in college immediately after high school. Upward Bound is a program for academically motivated students who will be the first generation in their families to pursue college study, and come from modest income backgrounds. The Upward Bound programs in attendance this year at the event were Lyndon State College Upward Bound, Johnson State College Upward Bound, SUNY Plattsburgh Upward Bound, the University of Vermont Upward Bound, and Castleton State College Upward Bound.


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