BOSTON, MASS. -- Victoria Guay, of Maidstone, is one of six students from Fisher College in Boston, Mass. chosen to join the research team of national bestselling author Casey Sherman and award winning former Boston Herald lead investigative reporter Dave Wedge for their upcoming book, "Boston Strong."

Boston Strong is a highly anticipated chronicle of the events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings and promises to provide an inside look into the tragedy and the aftermath -- from the searing heat and carnage of the explosions at the finish line where ordinary spectators suddenly became first responders to the dying and seriously wounded, to the intense investigation which led to the lockdown of an entire city during one of the largest manhunts in American history.

Boston Strong will be published by UPNE in the fall of 2014. The authors have also sold movie rights to the project to the producing team behind the Oscar winning film, The Fighter and Disney's upcoming epic, The Finest Hours. News about the Boston Strong book/film made headlines in Time Magazine and major media outlets around the world.

"This is an important book that requires thousands of hours of research and first hand interviews with the victims, members of law enforcement and first responders," said co-author Casey Sherman. "We chose the group from Fisher College to assist us because each student was affected by the tragedy in a unique way. They understand what this project will mean to the history of our city and they will allow us to provide a fresh perspective to our readers."

The Fisher College students will also get hands on experience conducting interviews, analyzing government documents and a further appreciation for Boston's history.

"Boston has always been a city under siege," Sherman said. "We look forward to teaching and learning from these talented young people."

Also assisting the authors are Fisher College students: Delia Brimmer of West Simsbury, Conn.; Kaleigh Cordeira of Tiverton, R.I.; Fredline Louis of Malden, Mass. and Katherine Taylor of South Salem, N.Y.


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