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Waterford's Rebecca Green Stays Active All Year

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Waterford's Rebecca Green Stays Active All Year


Waterford School student Rebecca Green says soccer is her favorite sport to help her to stay physically fit.

Waterford School seventh-grader Rebecca Green stays in shape and stays busy all year long by participating in a variety of activities.

During the fall sports season the 13-year-old plays soccer and basketball at the Waterford School. She spends her winters on the slopes downhill skiing at Burke Mountain. She also plays spring soccer with a club team and participates in a track program during the summer at St. Johnsbury Academy.

Green said her love of being active comes from her family including a brother, two sisters, a Labrador retriever, and her parents who encourage physical activity and healthy living.

Waterford school gym teacher Roxanne Roberts says Green is a team player who works to incorporate other students in whatever game is being played, regardless of skill level, and that she was selected by her classmates to be Waterford School's Get Fit Student of the Week.

"She's one of those super good kids," said Roberts. 'The nomination came from her peers."

Green said her favorite sport is soccer because involves one of her favorite activities -- running.

"It's such a big field, so you can get a lot of running in and it's a good team sport," said Green.

Green also like running track. She prefers distance running and the freedom it provides physically and mentally.

"I just love running alone," said Green. "I love the peace and quiet it gives me. But I also really like the team aspect of sports and all the competition."

In soccer she plays midfield and forward. She's plays guard for the Waterford basketball team, skis at Burke Mountain, and does some snowshoeing. Green also likes to go hiking with her family and her dog. At home she stays active with her brothers and sisters making good use of the family basketball hoop and a soccer re-bounder.

But sports is just one area of activity for Green. She's an avid reader and plays flute in the Waterford School Band and Waterford School Jazz Band.

"You have to stay physically fit and mentally fit," said Green.

Roberts said that's exactly what she sees in Green at school.

"She's very well rounded," said Roberts.


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