Waterford School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the first trimester of the 2011-2012 school year.

Grade 8: Jess Poulin, Avery Staats and Desiree Taylor.

Grade 7: Emilie Begin, Jillian Brochu, Emma Carr, Maeve Hening, Mackenzie Stanton, Elise Plonski, Brooke Smith and Lindsey Wood.

Grade 6: Nate D'Agostino and Kayla Matte.

Grade 8: Patrick Amadon, Ryan Aremburg, Sarah Baxter, Lindsey Bergeron, Ashley Bussiere, Hatcher D'Agostino, Carrie Daniels, Kyle Goodell, Keith Goslant, Jacob Johnson, Brandon Matte, Andrew Nadeau, Jared Rutledge, Patrick Sattleberger, Kaitlyn Savard, Dylan Stetson and Skye Stevens.

Grade 7: Julia Ash, Alex Dagesse, Hunter Delworth, Taylor Donato, Taylor Farmer, Cayla Keach, Serena Knights, Jed Matheson, T.J. Shaw, David Nadeau, Jo-Ann Stanley, Jaime Wood and Jasmine Wood.

Grade 6: Luisita Burgess, Jacob Before, Laura Benoit, Haley Elliott, MacKenzie Magoon, Mikaylah Payeur and Derek Holbrook.

Grade 8: Sarah Wajda, Hannah Wilkins and Derek Willson.

Grade 7: John Skinner


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