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White Mountains Regional High School

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White Mountains Regional High School in Whitefield, N.H. recently announced those students achieving the fourth quarter honor roll of the 2010-2011 academic year.

Grade 12: Jacob Barker, Patrick Church, Bridgette Cook, Amanda Husson, Kelsey McCullough, Holly Mitton, Patricia Spearin and Peter Wilkinson.

Grade 11: Lisa Linzbach, Jacqueline Lowell, Siddharth Nigam and Kelsie Schanlaber.

Grade 10: Kaelin Chancey, Paul Gesel, Helen Jacobs, Misty Ann Monahan and Cynthia Wade.

Grade 9: Nicholas Barker, Ethan Call, Ashley Gooden, Ryan Wilkinson and Kaitlin Wood.

Grade 12: Mercedes Belanger, Brittany Bloom, Bryana Bloom, Ryan Cannon, Evan Driscoll, Chelsea Fitzgerald, Jocelyn Hanlon, Daniel Johnson, McKayla Keeble, Brooke MacKillop, Meredith St.Cyr, Nikolas Wert and Cole Whitney.

Grade 11: Spencer Allard, Amy Belanger, Leighann Bell, Kelsey Bennion, Jacob Brady, Joseph Burbach, Molly Sue Galasyn, Jared Garey, Douglas Gorman, Fie Hansen, Savanah Hatfield, Kimberly McGee, Brianne Morneau, Marina Perricone, Eryn Voigt, Brittani Willey and Brandi Wise.

Grade 10: William Bash, Karisa Bergman, Caitlin Berry, Christopher Cass, Payton Curtis, Joseph Dami, Katelyn Dion, Grace Ezyk, Monique Gassek, Hannah Gauthier, Akaylah Glidden, Ronald Gooden Jr., Brittney Green, Corey Hall Jr., Coleton Hogan, Jaclyn Kleinschrodt, Laura Kopp, Garrett McMann, Kaitlin Mullen, Hanna Rivard, Savannah Rose, Brianna Smith, Andrew St.Cyr, Garrett Stevens and Nadia Wasuta.

Grade 9: Nathan Accardi, Jennifer Burns, Jacinda Cinelli, Charles Clark, Olivia Conway, Brooke Coulter, Camille Frenette, Benjamin LaFlam, Hunter Lamphere, Gillian McCreedy, Hunter Morse, Adam Noyes, Aunnah Sheridan, Sarah St. Martin and Anthony Valentino III.


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