Woodsville High School recently announced those students achieving the principal's list and the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2011-2012 school year.

Class of 2012: Rachel Butler, Jordan Deppisch, Rebecca Linnell, Catherine Quigley, Kirsten Spooner and Nathaniel Swain.

Class of 2013: Natashia Baker, Erva Barnes, Nara Burgess and Laura Zimmerman.

Class of 2014: Julia Bowman, Benjamin Cope, Alexis Emerson, Katherine Emley, Jared Mitchell, Allyson O'Shana, Molly Ruprecht, Cassidy Townsend and Justin Woods.

Class of 2015: Christopher Charles, Brittany Derrington, Emily French and Laura Rutherford.

Class of 2012: Samantha Clifford, Ian Fournier, Brenna Gilbert, Alejandra Herrera, Katie Hilliard, Ashley Holden, Kostantinos Kapotis, Truman Kimball, Jacob Knehr, Travis Levreault, Edward Marro, Joseph Marshall, Elliot Matteson, Philip Mayo, John Miller, Heath Page, Alexandra Slack, Brianna Tempelmeyer and Mathew Wright.

Class of 2013: Rachel Brill, Haley DeRosia, Zachary Catterall, Michael DiDomenico, Jennifer Hill, Christopher Hunter, Andrew Jensen, Rochelle Ladue, Constance Lankiewicz, Jeremy Machia, Sadie Matteson, Christopher McAllister, Alexandria Saladino, Mikayla Schulz, Abigail Simano, Dayna Thornton, Jordyn Tierney and Joseph Towne.

Class of 2014: Joseph Abrahamsen, Elizabeth Blouin, Helen Deblois, Benjamin Fournier, Jenna Guilmain, Sarah Hatch, Taylor Horne, Meghan Levreault, Sarah Liang, Graham Lydon, Shawn Marro, Louisa Noble, Lindsay Salyers, Hanna Stewart, Carrie Vogt, Christopher Walker, Jasmine Walker and Taylor Wyman.

Class of 2015: Daniel Abrahamsen, Zachery Aldrich, Joshua Burke, Robert Butler, Dylan Farr, Elizabeth Hilliard, Margaret Kinder, Kate LaLonde, Michael Lamarre, Julianna Marsh, Paige Martin, Ryan May, Lottie Page and Samantha Thurston.


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