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Youth Advisory Council Seeks Award Nominees, Presenters

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Each year, the Youth Advisory Council of Caledonia and Southern Essex invites the community to nominate youth from grades 7--12 for Youth Impact Awards to be presented at Youth Town Meeting.

This year's Youth Town Meeting will be held on April 11 at Lyndon State College. This year's council has chosen the theme "Dare to Dream -- a happier, healthier, brighter you." The council is seeking nominations for this year's awards.

Nominated youth or groups of youth should be in grades 7 through 12 or age equivalent out of school youth. Considering the time frame of April 2012 through the present, nominations should demonstrate how the youth or group of youth meet at least two of the following criteria:

Daring to dream a happier, healthier, brighter future, youth:

â?¢ Advocates for acceptance and inclusion of youth with disabilities.

â?¢ Advocates for accommodations of various cultural traditions.

â?¢ Triumphs over adversity and inspires others to do the same.

â?¢ Promotes healthier eating, nutrition, or physical activity by making changes in school or community.

â?¢ Positively promotes an enthusiastic outlook on life, and encourages others to do the same.

â?¢ Supports others to get help with difficult emotional or psychological issues such as substance abuse, depression or eating disorders and/or has done the same.

â?¢ Uses music, visual or performing arts to promote a message or as a vehicle for healing.

â?¢ Has invented or created a product, program, or philosophy to benefit the environment or the human condition.

â?¢ Actively addresses racism, sexism, classism and/or intolerance in their school or community.

â?¢ Makes concrete plans to achieve their dreams and mentors others to do the same.

Anyone can submit a nomination, which must be received no later than March 8. Nominations must include the youth or group member's full names, ages, grade and school they attend; must state which specific criteria is prompting the nomination; must include no more than 500 words supporting the nomination; must include two additional letters of support; and the nominator's name and contact information. Nominations may be faxed to 802-751-3292; mailed to Youth Advisory Council, 67 Eastern Ave., Suite 1, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819 or emailed to:

The Youth Advisory Council of Caledonia/southern Essex also seeks presenters to offer interactive workshops which:

â?¢ Are planned and presented by youth, and which may include adult partners.

â?¢ Seek to inform, educate, and energize youth to create solutions to challenges they face.

â?¢At 1.5 hours in length.

â?¢ When possible, include a connection to our theme. For example:

Potential workshop topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

â?¢ Dream a happier you: building enthusiasm to live your dreams; exploring family and cultural values; living in peace with one another; managing stress and peer pressure; reducing stigma associated with mental health and poverty; stimulating creativity; finding ways to rise to challenges we face as youth; building acceptance for youth from all lifestyles.

â?¢ Dream a healthier you: focusing on healthy life choices; discovering non-chemical, positive highs such as being outside, athletics, music and the arts; learning about healthy relationships; practicing alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse prevention; suicide prevention; prevention of eating and other disorders; learning how to cope with and find treatment for chronic medical and emotional issues.

â?¢ Dream a brighter you: increasing your ability to excel in life; determining goals for the future and preparing for college or potential careers; exploring ways to increase self-esteem; decreasing racism, classism, sexism and intolerance in our communities; learning life skills; facing the reality of one's own situation and not giving up; having a positive attitude.

First time presenters: Youth Town Meeting cannot offer compensation to presenters. Please include your projected materials list with your proposal. This is a great leadership opportunity for youth. If your workshop is selected, and you need help to purchase materials, YAC will help find sponsors for this.

Contact Susan Teske, workshop chair, at 802-751-2672 or


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