The race is on.

St. Johnsbury's political machine is revving up for March elections. The annual non-partisan caucus in St. Johnsbury is scheduled Jan. 5 at 7 p.m. in the Father Lively Center on Summer Street.

It provides prospective candidates an opportunity to get on the ballot for election at annual town meeting. Caucus was established more than 25-years ago to ensure every position has a candidate, said St. Johnsbury Town Clerk Sandy Grenier this week.

Caucus is not a municipal function, she said.

Positions up for election in March, including the present office holder, are:

â?¢ Town Clerk - Sandy Grenier

â?¢ Town Treasurer - Sandy Grenier

â?¢ Selectman, 3-years - Bryon Quatrini

â?¢ Selectman, 1-year - Alan Ruggles

â?¢ Selectman, 1-year - Bill Merrow

â?¢ School Director, 3-years - Bruce Corrette

â?¢ School Director, 2-years - Bill Knopf

â?¢ School District Treasurer - Jo-Ann Reed

â?¢ First Constable - Gil Roberts

â?¢ Grand Juror - Gary Reis

â?¢ Grand Juror - Bernier Mayo

â?¢ Town Attorney - Ed Zuccaro

â?¢ Trustee of Public Money - Don Bostic

â?¢ Agent to Convey Real Estate - Larry Donna

â?¢ Town Moderator - Bernier Mayo

â?¢ School Moderator - Bernier Mayo

Prospective candidates gain access to the ballot by having caucus attendees sign a petition for them during the event. Residents who wish to seek office, however, need not attend caucus.

They may instead submit a petition that contains the signatures of about 30 registered voters.

In related business, residents nominated for office at caucus early this year still had to submit a petition after the fact. Petitions signed during the 2011 caucus were not valid because they were generic and did not display the name of the candidate residents were signing for.


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