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Winter Parking Ban In Effect in Lyndonville

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LYNDONVILLE -- With the first real snow storm of the season came the first need to enforce the Village of Lyndonville's winter parking ban, and a few dozen people saw their cars ticketed for not minding the ordinance banning cars from Village roads overnight.

Lyndonville Police Chief Jack Harris said that the parking ban is in effect starting Nov. 1 within the Village limits. "As with previous years, we have given time for people to start addressing their own parking issues. Being as people continue to violate the winter parking ban, effective immediately the Lyndonville Police will start to issue $15 parking ban tickets for any vehicle parked on a Village roadway after midnight."

According to Harris, "this ordinance is not contingent on inclement weather," so snow or no snow, it's no cars overnight on Village streets after midnight. During snowstorms, violators may see a double whammy: tickets and a tow, at their nickel.

Harris went on, stating this week, "Those looking to park can make use of the public parking lot at the rear of the Municipal Building. The particulars of what the winter towing will look like are still being worked out, having our storage yard utilized for the current construction."

According to the Chief, Thursday was the first night that tickets were given instead of warnings, 25 in total. Harris also reminded people that ignoring the parking tickets may result in a boot locking their car down until outstanding fines are paid, a step the police can and will take, if necessary.

The winter parking ban was also on tap at last week's meeting of the Lyndonville Village Trustees, who met earlier in the week. Municipal Administrator for the Town of Lyndon and Village of Lyndonville Dan Hill told Trustees that ticketing had started. Hill will speak to the present towing company operator about a possible alternate site for towing, so that people can get their cars back on the weekends, which is a problem with cars being towed to the town site, he noted.

The old flashing light for the winter storm towing warning that used to be on Depot Street at Main Street is gone now. Officials said people didn't pay attention to it or heed it anyway. "They said they couldn't see it even though for 20 years we had it flashing," said Trustee Tim Gaskin.

Warnings about the winter parking ban are posted throughout the Village, noted Hill.


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