A few good men

To the Editor:

A friend of mine wrote this, and it expresses my thoughts exactly. I submit to you, his words which precisely mirror my thoughts:

"The state of the State is in peril to my way of thinking. Answers, to those who share similar concerns, come difficult. We sometimes even wonder if we should dare to ponder the endless possibilities and so some folks don't even try. But I say that it may very well rest in the minds, spirit, and fortitude of a few good men to solve our nation's ills...and so the search begins.

OK, so the answer then is that we are looking for a few good men? That may very well be all it will take. In looking for them, we may even find them in the least likely places so don't be surprised. When we find them, we will begin to slowly turn things around using principle and then standing on it, having values which we will never waiver from, and using common sense which is a rare commodity, especially in Washington these days. These few good men will begin to become the leadership as time goes on and yes, it will take time, tho sadly we must be patient.

I see the future being brighter on down the road, when one of these leaders becomes the Speaker of the House, as an example, based on his ability to have vision and act in a principled manner leading others. This person will be elected by his peers because he has those qualities which we the people desire in him and not because it is his turn, not because he has been hanging out in those hallowed halls the longest, Not because he has served the interests of the special interests or because he drinks with his cronies. None of that matters other than the will of the people!

Vision for our nation's future is key for this new leader. While still maintaining the principles upon which this nation was established, this new leader will never ever apologize for our nation's successes but rather thank God for this nation's perseverance, dignity, compassion, and ingenuity. This leader will promote the American spirit and encourage it in all Americans. This leader will recapture that which our Founders declared to be true and return to the Constitutional Republican form of government they designed. That is who I am looking for, that type of person, a person of character who is never afraid to do the right thing always, while never even considering his legacy and never doing things for the purposes of gaining favor at a later time. This leader will certainly insure that a disabled combat vet will never have to give up just a little more.

I will not wait any longer for the GOP to do the right thing. I will not listen to one more pathetic plea for more time nor will I ever again allow myself to be chastised by those who have clearly chosen to not keep their word. I will not accept the party giving our citizens the shaft while rebranding and catering to those who are not even citizens. I will try to do what little any one man can do to see that the Party per se, returns to those conservative principles that they, while on the campaign trail, all say that they believe in....the proof is in the pudding!

Notice I never once mentioned the Democrat Party. This seems to be the party of Marx, the party which follows ideology developed, written and tried numerous times throughout history and always to disaster, and yet they, the Democrat Party, continue to try and reinvent the wheel. This is the party of gracious promises, seldom delivered to fruition, and yet always praised by those who are enamored with their Indoctrinators. The followers never seem to understand that the entire ideology is based on control. They use the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" which seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands. Those party leaders are despicable traitors to this nation and I therefore refuse to ever again even try to work with them. Yes, this sounds harsh, but think of it this way. They are like small children on one hand, always whining to get their way. On the other, they are the educational and social elitists and us mere mortals are made to think that we should defer to their judgment. And what judgment is that? The judgment that says you should steal from one man to give to another who will then reward you for your compassion? That judgment? The Democrat party has all of it's followers being "useful idiots" by design. Oh sure, there are many good and decent people as followers who are seriously misinformed, and that is yet another challenge, to work on one person at a time, every day, until we, in some small way, help these people to understand what they have given up following those who want to control them.....Liberty.

And if we cannot see this through to fruition, then the III% will prevail at some later date! On that you can rely!

A faithful servant to a precious nation, James R. Blume MSgt, USAF Retired Citizen in good standing

Deb Clough

Monroe, N.H.

Editor's note: Mr. Blume has confirmed his letter's use as submitted by Deb Clough.


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