A happy ending

To the Editor:

Saturday, the 3rd, day of our New Year, I looked out my apartment window to see an elderly lady in distress. She was walking across an icy common in our downtown area of Whitefield, N.H. I saw her fall down as cars continued to pass by her with no aid given. I saw a man jump from his parked truck and without concern for his own safety he dashed toward the lady with a stern and gallant look on his face. He rescued the lady and guided her with his strength and will to succeed his mission. As I got closer, I realized I knew this man. This man is a Disabled American Veteran who is suffering with the after effects of Agent Orange that he was exposed to in Vietnam during the time he fought for our freedom. And he rescued the lady from any further distress.

We always hear of bad or political news, I am proud to have witnessed a good ending. A true story that ends good. I thank God for every day and friends like this man.

Miko Tierney

Whitefield, N.H.


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