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A Marvelous Political 'Experiment' Are We - Peter Michael Fichte

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A marvelous political "experiment" are we

To the Editor:

This past Saturday afternoon, I attended a matinee showing of "Lincoln" at our local movie house, the Star Theater. It was riveting! The scenes showing members of the House of Representatives arguing with each other, in this case over the possibility (or not) of passing the 13th Amendment, and the deal-bargaining "encouraged" by President Lincoln to get the amendment passed, seems quite relevant to today's examples of squabbling among our contemporary representatives over President Obama's several political initiatives over the past four years and the behind-the-scenes dealing (some successful, some unsuccessful) going on today.

It was a wonderful illustration of "democracy in action." What an amazing political system we have! Things CAN GET DONE, sometimes due to logical persuasion, sometimes due to chicanery, sometimes due to luck. How wonderfully our country has developed, has improved the lot of its citizens, has met many (but, of course, not all) the moral imperatives that define our current, and will define our future values. It also shows how there exist individuals of remarkable abilities which can and do change the course of historical political events. The film encapsulated one of the greatest political "experiments" of all time.

Peter Michael Fichte

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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