Animals are not trash

To the Editor:

On Thursday, Nov. 13, two young people were following another car in St. Johnsbury. They witnessed the car in front of them toss a kitten out of the moving vehicle. Luckily, the two young people stopped. The little black kitten was about 4 weeks old and in trouble. They took the kitten to the vet. We named the kitten Ebony. He was taken in to Western Avenue Veterinary Clinic, given a preliminary assessment, given some nice wet food, and a snug, safe place to be. Ebony ate well, and snuggled in for a nap. Unfortunately, he was badly damaged. He had trouble walking, his tail was broken at a right angle up near his body. Did his injuries come from being thrown out of a moving car? It certainly didn't help. Had he already been being mistreated for most of his very short life? Probably. Was there something wrong with him and that was why these people felt he was disposable? Maybe.

This is sure. He passed away some time during the night. He had had a good meal. He had a warm, cozy blanket to sleep in. And he is at peace now, after a short and horrific life.

The other thing that is sure is that these two young folk took the time and care to stop and try to help. That is wonderful and we are proud and thankful that you did that. Whoever you are, you deserve our deepest thanks. You made a difference to Ebony in his last hours.

It is hard to believe that anyone would do such a thing, toss a kitten, perhaps a sick kitten out of the window of a car, like so much trash. This little guy did not deserve that. No living thing deserves such disrespect.

Helen Morrison

Board, Kingdom Animal Shelter

Cabot, Vt.


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