Attention Littleton taxpayers

To the Editor:

While you have been working very hard to stay ahead of your winter bills, your Littleton School Board used our hard earned tax dollars on a full-page advertisement for the proposed Teachers' Union contract. The Town of Littleton has always made it a practice not to use your money to advertise a union contract for the benefit of the union. As one of the oldest watchdogs in Littleton I question the use of our tax dollars to subsidize an ad in the local newspaper. At the school deliberative session I was told it was necessary for them to inform you, the taxpayer, of the facts, not rumors or non-truths about the Teachers' Union contract. The Littleton School Board is so proud of the great language changes in the contract that improves education and reduces operational cost. The Board felt it must to advertise it, although after I had a chance to read the full contract I don't agree that it's such a good deal for us, the taxpayer.

Just ask yourself:

1. Can you take up to 100 days off in one calendar year? Remember, teacher's work 188 days a year.

2. Are you guaranteed an 11% raise in your pay over 3 years no matter what happens in the world economy or in your job performance?

3. If you have healthcare, pull out your health insurance card and look at your co-pay. Is it $10.00?

4. Do you pay 19% of your health insurance plan regardless of a single or family of 5 plan?

And the list goes on from free child care to reimbursement for continuing education. Are you OK with offering benefits that are in excess of what you receive? We have watched our school system grow in expense over the last 10 years while enrollment decreases with test scores so poor that the State of NH has identified our school as a school in need of improvement.

So I ask you to go vote on March 12th at the Littleton Fire station and Vote NO on School Article #4 and send a message to the school board to go back and negotiate a contract to include:

a) Teachers accountability through better evaluations

b) No tenure for employees so we don't keep the under-performing staff

c) A more realistic benefit and salary plan for you, the Littleton Taxpayer, not the Teachers' Union.

Eddy Moore

Littleton, N.H.


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