Beware lights out in Lyndonville

To the Editor:

Who's going to enforce this brain storm? There are probably four stores (if that many) in the whole town that close at the same time. Beware stores, if you want longer lighting time you'll have to pay extra to get it. Say nothing about what you pay for the electricity to start with.

I see this plan as a scheme so that rates can be raised because of not enough power being used just like the save energy fiasco last time.

A noise ordinance would be much more appealing. Lights in parking lots don't make noise but cars with revved up engines, radios blaring and squealing tires do. Of course you'd have to have an after 10 or 11 p.m. police officer out there to enforce it.

Good luck with that and how about the Dollar General dumpster pick up at five in the morning? I recall that in the planning to open the store that no trucks were to be on the south side of the building except during store hours which are from seven to nine. Don't even try to complain (which I have done several times) because it gets you nowhere. The members of the board don't live next door and don't hear it and don't lose sleep because of it, so they don't care.

Keep the lights on. It's safer and they don't make noise.

Claire Shatney

Lyndonville, Vt.


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