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Bittersweet Month For Ellie Mae - Betsy Hampton

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Bittersweet Month For Ellie Mae - Betsy Hampton

Ellie Mae

Bittersweet month For Ellie Mae

To the Editor:

Ellie Mae (and her brother, Quincy) have been available for adoption at the Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter in Orleans for over two years. They are coon hounds and not a very popular breed for adoption, but they are a happy, healthy pair. Approximately three weeks ago, an adopter visited the shelter and "fell in love" with Ellie Mae. After checking his references etc., our staff found this man, to hopefully be, Ellie Mae's forever family. NOT SO! This fellow (who was "going to take Ellie Mae everywhere with him ... driving, hiking, boating etc.) turned out to be this poor girl's worst nightmare.

The shelter's policy on adopted animals is, that if the adoption does not work out for whatever reason, that animal needs to be returned. Well, apparently this adopter didn't want to waste the gas, or whatever, to do the right thing; so this past Saturday he dumped her out of his pickup on a back road in West Stewartstown, N.H.

Ellie Mae tried racing after his truck which made some nearby witnesses question what was happening. These amazing people did some legwork and discovered this dog had recently been adopted by the truck owner. By this time, Ellie Mae was totally disoriented and would not be approached. Our shelter staff did not find out about this situation until Wednesday afternoon --four full days after the dog was dumped. Thursday morning, however, one of our staff loaded up Ellie Mae's brother, Quincy, and headed to New Hampshire (at this point there had been no sightings of the dog for 24 hours). One of the West Stewartstown Selectmen volunteered to join our search. After hours of hiking through the mountains and woods, she was not found. There was however a new sighting -- one town over; so off went the searchers. At 3:30 pm Thursday she was spotted bedded down by an old barn. She recognized our staff member and Quincy and came to them immediately. Ellie Mae was very thin and dehydrated, but otherwise she was okay.

We are truly grateful to all who helped Ellie Mae. Our shelter also wants to stress that all people are not what they seem. If you come to Orleans to adopt an animal, please realize we are asking questions to hopefully weed out the "bad pet owners" or "bad matches", and even then, the process is not always successful. We are here to help, and everything is kept confidential.

Come down to the shelter and say hi to Ellie Mae ... she is happy to be back!

Betsy Hampton

Treasurer, Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter

Orleans, Vt.


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