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C.O.L.A. 2015

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C.O.L.A. 2015

To the Editor:

The federal government will automatically have as much as a 10% increase across the board for the new year 2015. This is called, "Cost of Living Adjustments" not considered a tax increase.

Using simple math and compounded interest, government has doubled in size over the past ten years. For the consumers, a dollar ten years ago is now worth sixty cents and the private sector salaries have flat lined over the same time span, and on top of that, most jobs today are part time with no career incentive. The true unemployment rate is between 12 and 15% if you count the people that have fallen off the end of unemployment benefits and have left the job market all together, and a good percentage of these people are getting SSI for one reason or another.

Do you see a pattern here folks? If this trend continues another ten years there will not be a private sector left. Free market principals will be destroyed and the best country in the world will become another socialist/communist third world country with 97% living in poverty and 3% controlling everything.

We can stop this train wreck by simply putting an end to COLA, in other words government has to live on its present budget, like the rest of us and not have an increase in the next ten years. The second and most important step is to disarm and defund the E.P.A. "Environmental Protection Agency." These two simple steps could save the best country in the world from total government control. The big sixty thousand dollar question is, who can turn this country around? Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him? I believe we have this person willing and ready to step in and save us all, Dr. Ben Carson, can and will reach out to every person in this great country and convince them that we need to unite as one, not divide and conquer like what is happening today, big government stokes anarchy in the streets and with executive order this President can order Marshal Law and turn the military on us, and worse case scenario, freeze all elections. I believe this is their end game. We as a people cannot fall into this trap of hate and rally around Dr. Carson that will bring us back to loving our neighbor and thumbing our nose at big government.

Steve Berry

Wolcott, Vt.


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