Cabot ATV vote

To the Editor:

The wording of the Cabot ballot regarding the ATV Ordinance is:

"Art. 1. Shall the voters of the Town of Cabot advise the Cabot Selectboard to adopt an ordinance regulating the operation of all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) YES NO"

Many find this vague. YES means ALLOW ATVs on more Cabot roads. NO says existing state law, which already allows ATVs on class 4 roads, is enough in Cabot. The word ALLOW is not on the ballot, even though allowing ATVs to use more Cabot town roads is the purpose of the vote.

Voters may think YES is a vote to restrict ATV use. IT IS NOT!

NO means keep the law unchanged. YES means open up ALL Cabot roads to ATV riders. Vote NO to keep the state law about ATV use on public roads.

Peter Dannenberg

Cabot Vt.


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