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Coach Joyal - Alex Carlisle

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Coach Joyal

To the Editor:

Mr. Joyal is a terrific coach, who has a great attitude during practice and during games. He has managed to teach me many new things through two years with him and I'm sure he'll do the same for the players at Lyndon Institute.

In the two years I've played AAU basketball for Coach Phil, the Lyndon Lightening, we had made the semi-finals the first year and had won the second year in Vermont's AAU state basketball tournament. Not to mention the job Coach Phil did improving everyone of his players individually. But Phil also knew how to teach his players in other ways than just skill improvement, whether it was to stay positive and keep playing hard when we were losing or to keep focused and finish the game when we had the lead.

The Lyndon Lightening teams that I have played for the last two years have been very talented, but Phil has been the mastermind behind our success. Phil must have spent numerous hours putting our rewarding plays and playbooks together in order for us to win. Although these plays were advanced they were also very successful and well thought-out. As Phil was able to explain them to us and make it possible to win.

Phil managed to look out for his players during practice and during games, reminding us that the floor might be a little slippery or that we were playing an aggressive opponent. For someone to say otherwise who hasn't excessively seen Phil coach during practice or during a game, as I have, is making false assumptions of how well he handles problems and situations.

Phil is a great coach and will lead Lyndon Institute's basketball players and program to great places as his predecessor did. He has proven to be a great coach who has taught players like myself to become better and will continue to do so with his new and very deserved place as Lyndon Institutes new boys varsity basketball coach.

Alex Carlisle, 8th grade

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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