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Community Support On Portland Street - Mathew and Stacia Ghafoori

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Community support on Portland Street

To the Editor:

Helpers from the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce came to support us with our home this past weekend. We are aware that this was "Green Up Vermont" day, and in addition to several other projects that these residents volunteered to take on to beautify St. Johnsbury, they chose to help us begin to paint our house, plant some flowers, & begin to transform it into a home.

We are the owners of 230 Portland St. The beautiful Mansard-style house that the town has watched deteriorate over the last 30+ years. We are doing our best to restore it to its rightful beauty, but never in our wildest dreams did we imagine being so embraced by a community the way we have been. The work that these people did for us was such a true testament to the soul of this town.

We have lived in several different places, both growing up and in our nearly 13 years of marriage together. Many were fine places to live, but we have never encountered a true community like we have here in St. Johnsbury. So many kind words have been extended to us by passersby, support has been given by many, and groups have volunteered to help us with projects within our home. This town is known for many things: the incredible schools, the arts, museums, and incredible views to name a few. But our family would like it to be known for its amazing people! We hope that all of the residents here realize what a gem it truly is. And it's why we plan to forever call Vermont "home."

We are grateful to the people of St. Johnsbury. The stories and memories you have shared, the words of encouragement given and the histories you have researched for us, we will remember always.

We look forward to completing this home and finding new ways to help preserve St. Johnsbury's history, and ensure that St. Johnsbury's future is every bit as bright as its' past.

Mathew & Stacia Ghafoori

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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