Confidence in Rep. Ingbretson

To the Editor:

As an economist who is familiar with Rep Paul Ingbretson's voting record (Grafton 15), I have great confidence that he will represent my fiscal conservative interests in Concord. Out of 280+ Republicans, he was ranked number 5 by the NH House Republican Alliance for his fiscal conservatism. He is so humble, he didn't even know his ranking when I asked him about it.

He is also a great champion of states' rights and understands that too much regulation can cripple business whether it is at the state or federal level which is why he successfully sponsored and passed legislation that sent $1 million to set up Obamacare in the Granite State back to Washington.

Paul also values preserving the rights of parents to homeschool their children, which is why he sponsored and passed legislation that transfers power from the State Board of Education and school district officials back to homeschoolers and allows homeschooling families to notify their superintendent of their intent to homeschool just once instead of every year. As a homeschooling mom, his proven commitment to school choice and homeschooling is extremely important to me.

I've had the privilege of getting to know Paul as a lobbyist in Concord and as a former selectman in my town. The first two words that come to mind to describe him are humble and intellectual. His humility and thoughtfulness have helped him build strong relationships and respect within the Republican caucus such that he is a credible voice that can effectively persuade other legislators to limit the size and scope of government.

His opponent Democrat Linda Lauer most certainly will not be an advocate for school choice and homeschooling. Instead, along with her fellow Democrats, her support will be for the teacher's union over the rights of parents.

Additionally, as an economist, I value the passage of right-to-work in NH as it would be tremendous for economic growth here given that the closest right to work state is Virginia. I suspect Linda Lauer will vote against right-to-work along with all the Democrats that voted against it last year. Paul Ingbretson will not only vote to pass right-to-work but he will lead the effort in the NH House to get it passed.

I hope you will join me in supporting Representative Paul Ingbretson (Grafton 15) on November 6th as I can confidently say that I trust that Paul won't choose to expand or enrich government at the expense of my freedoms.

Wendy Warcholik, Ph.D.

Woodsville, N.H.


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