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Coyote Eggs - Steve Merrill

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Randy Brock's "Coyote Eggs"

To the Editor:

Boy the campaign season whoppers just keep getting bigger, it seems Randy Brock's "compost pile" is SO big there was a "coyote nest" in it, really? Were there any eggs? Coyotes being canines I thought they had dens.

Then Randy says he wants to "restore the fabric of Vermont." what does that even mean? We don't know if he wants to be governor or upholsterer, maybe he's confused from counting all those coyote eggs in the giant nest behind his house. Then he wails about the 400-600 jobs at Vermont Yankee, but what about York Capacitor and Belden Wire and Cable, both highly profitable companies that left to make even BIGGER profits overseas, why didn't he care about the 1,000 or so good paying jobs that left the state?

Then there's all the fliers from "Vermonters First" and "Restore Our Future", ad nauseum, ad infinitum, that makes me wish the voter lists were unpublished so we wouldn't get our mailboxes filled with stupidity.

Election season cannot end fast enough for me.

Steve Merrill

North Troy, Vt.


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