Daniele Kostruba for Caledonia County Sheriff

To the Editor:

No one ever cares or thinks about certain things until it affects them personally and then, suddenly, IT MATTERS! That is how I believe most feel about the position of Caledonia County Sheriff. Well, IT MATTERS!

I have found this out while exercising my duties as Animal Control Officer in Caledonia County. IT MATTERS for a lot of reasons besides the ones that directly affect me. That is why I feel Daniele Kostruba is the right person for Caledonia County Sheriff. Daniele is approachable, interested, has a great sense of community, is honest, hardworking and FRIENDLY. I believe she would work to effectively create a collaborative of agencies with a common goal, the public good. Daniele has the experience, 18 years in law enforcement.

There should be more to a Sheriff's Department than sitting in a cruiser monitoring traffic. I believe Daniele Kostruba can make the Department more than that. I am voting for Daniele Kostruba and if animals could vote, they would too. We encourage YOU to vote for Daniele Kostruba for Sheriff. Get out and Vote, November 4th. Sincerely, Candace Dane

Candace Dane

Lyndonville, Vt.


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