Donna Devlin gets results for veterans

To the Editor:

As a New Hampshire native who enlisted in the Marine Corps when I was 20, I am writing in support of Donna Devlin as a candidate for one of two seats for State Rep for Grafton District One (Bethlehem and Littleton). It has been a privilege and an honor to be longtime friends with Donna and her husband Chris, a disabled veteran paralyzed while serving our country. Donna is not only a tireless worker but has results to show for her active efforts on behalf of veterans, disabled veterans, wounded warriors and for persons with both physical and developmental disabilities--most of them accomplished while running a business and helping to raise her stepson. Nationally, she and Chris have been long-time supporters of the Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic and have travelled to Colorado over a dozen times to volunteer for the week-long event. As well, Donna spearheaded and ran a nationwide series of adaptive ski clinics aimed at getting newly injured persons (many of them veterans) out on the slopes, as well as fomenting a charity ski race fundraiser event on behalf of the US Disabled Ski Team and has directed and produced gratis promotional campaigns for the Paralympics and many nationally-recognized adaptive sports organizations. Locally she and Chris founded and ran the New England Disabled Ski Team at Loon (which had many local children, teens and a few veterans on the roster), put many racers on the US Ski Team and whose accomplishments include a plethora of Paralympic, World, World Cup and National championships. Seeing a need for it, Chris and Donna helped establish the Golden Cup--a NASTAR-like regional race series for recreational adaptive skiers--the first of its' kind in the country. In our community, she spearheaded and helped set up a year-long exhibit on the history of adaptive skiing at the New England Ski Museum as well as the thousands of hours she has logged actively working as the Chair for PR/Marketing and on the Fund Development Committee to bring dollars, donors and attention to the Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country. On behalf of their combined efforts, Chris has accepted awards and honors from the Paralyzed Veterans of America, The US Coast Guard, Disabled Veterans of America and the 10th Mountain Division (among others). A vote for Donna Devlin is a vote for veterans. On November 4th, I hope you'll join me sending her to Concord!!

Will Hammond

Bethlehem, N.H.


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