Down the Rabbit Hole, chapter 2

To the Editor:

We have fallen back down the rabbit hole again, and in this episode, the Red Queen and the White Rabbit are at it again. Accusing each other of distorting "the Truth" they are slugging it out on the front page. And now, the Red Queen and his pack of jokers are going to publish the scores for flamingo croquet every other week, to make sure that anyone watching knows that the Old Town Team wins every game the Red Queen plays.

And the White Rabbit? "But -- but -- but." "They don't seem to understand how news is really made. We write the news, not them! That's our job." You would think there is a White Rabbit Union, with all the news media owners belonging. Like the Big League team owners association.

"Words mean what I say they mean!" trumpets back the Queen, no matter how they all look in their face-card suits and their flamingo clubs.

And the Dormouse and the March Hare have doubled down their allegiance to the Queen, and are now going to write down, as soon as they finish painting the fountain red for the holidays, what really happened, and publish it, much to the consternation of the White Rabbit, who really knows how to distinguish news that fits the mold from news that is moldy and gives us fits.

Having backed the wrong side in the election between the mushrooms and the hedgehogs, the White Rabbit has come to the surface, berating the audacity of Wonderlanders who don't own a newspaper to actually have any thoughts! How dare anyone else decide what is important! How dare they have an opinion of their own? Worse, who let these people vote?

If this were a cartoon, it would be funny.

John Perry

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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