I'm endorsing Milton Bratz

To the Editor:

Be represented! I am writing this letter of endorsement for Milt Bratz. Through my experience of working with Milt on the Littleton School Board, I know he will serve this community well as a selectman.

Milt's decisions were always well thought-out and were supported by experience, research and discussion. When certain issues drew critically diverse options, he always encouraged input from all contingents. Peoples' opinions were heard and all sides of the issue were weighed. Representation in its highest form, this process brought clear decisions and unifying consensus.

Earlier letters have mentioned "experience" as being an important consideration for election. Milt's service experience, among a few, include serving eighteen years on the Littleton School Board, six years of those as chairman and six years as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Littleton Regional Hospital.

He is familiar with the issues before the Littleton Select Board and is ready to serve. For the past two years, he has attended the select board meetings and has served on the budget committee. This exemplifies his commitment and preparedness - he does his homework.

Littleton is a beautiful place to live but it has its economic challenges. Building a strong future for our community requires on-going planning. One such area is economic planning - strengthening our business climate, creating gainful employment opportunities and promoting our town. We cannot sit still "waiting for the economy to pick-up", we must begin to address these issues locally.

But we have heard little about many issues because of a political line drawn in the sand, a line that narrows discussion and involvement, excludes rather than includes. We must all work together to balance the economic challenges with the need to move our community forward. No one should be excluded from this process.

Be represented and be involved in the future of our community. Vote for Milt Bratz on March 13.

Diane Cummings

Littleton, N.H.


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