To the Editor:

We no longer live in a society of job security. Today, conventional businesses are closing their doors everyday, consolidating and laying off people by the hundreds and yes, by the thousands. A great education is no longer a guarantee. In the forefront here is Kennametal. Some of the best jobs in the northeast. All the while in Chittenden County, I.B.M. is at the forefront of the layoffs.

People, we are not cowards and most of us do not lack courage and we have always been ready and willing to work.

What we now need is a vehicle to help us get back on the right track, to recapture our dreams of yesterday and tomorrow.

People are feeling helpless to protect what they have worked hard to achieve an accomplish.

It is you the school boards, that lack courage to look at reform because acts #60 and #68 are in the ditch. Yes, it is the school boards, the state over, that are the cowards and continue to tax out all resident Vermonters.

Our only self defense as taxpayers is to say NO whether it is Milton, Colchester, Underhill, Westfield, Burlington, St. Johnsbury, Wheelock or Sheffield.

Where public education finds its source of trouble is not in the children attending the schools, it is all about union salaries, benefits and retirements. The local taxpayers can no longer finance the system.

Sorry, but that is the reality! Get over feeling angry and personally offended and making unfounded accusations.

The problem solving and solutions are up to the school boards and the State of Vermont. Get to work -- it is your elected duty. We, the taxpayers are not going to take it anymore. It is not a myth -- in fact it is very real and we are up to rocking your boat. So take a deep breath, swim upstream and take a fresh and new look, because we are steadfast on holding your feet to the fire.

Nancy Cohen

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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