Facebook and The Orleans County Sheriff's Department

To the Editor:

My name is John Scott Rodgers, and I did not post anything on Facebook about the resent rampage of a local man that caused many thousands of dollars in damage to our local Sheriff department's patrol cars.

When our children are young we encourage them to use their words to express themselves. As they get older we encourage them to use their words carefully. My son John posted a status on his Facebook that he thought would amuse his friends during the evolving story, thinking that only his friends could see it as his privacy settings are on. He was wrong. It was in poor taste and he knows it. He has apologized to Chief Martin and feels bad that something that he thought was private was taken out of context and used in the paper. I think the reporter showed equally bad judgement to print statements from Facebook that were never meant to be public.

Mr. Pion would have been much better off if he had used his words to express himself. Damaging someone else's property is never OK. He has cost the Sheriff department, the community and the state a great deal of money that could have been used for many better things.

So now we have the opportunity to use this as a learning experience and try to get something positive out of a negative event. First, the Sheriff Department is an important part of our community. When someone in our community has a loss we pull together to help them out, that is what we do as Vermonters. So let us all do what we can to help them recover. Second, in this age of social media consider everything that you post fair game and choose your words wisely.

John S. Rodgers

Glover, Vt.


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