Franchise disfranchise

To the Editor:

It seems we have many advisers, government and commentators saying what we ought to do. There are many people who have become perturbed, angry, upset, disillusioned by the way things were going with them. And because of theses discouragements some have turned to religion, some to guns and others to different out reaches. Now along comes them chin music makers and declared that our government is disfranchising a whole passel of its citizens in the pretext of giving them more.

Now I went to Mister Webster to chew over these here word franchised, and disfranchised, and put it together with facts that are taking place in our everyday world. Yep we got people losing their jobs and homes. Then we got some people just waiting for the government to keep the wolf and sheriff away from their door. Ain't that what the government is for? Then some of them disfranchised people are willing to take the first job that comes their way. They are not disfranchised just their last good fortune crumbled.

One of Mr. Webster's definitions was; "privilege granted by authority." The authority in a lot of incidents has been commerce and changing times. We could add to that a little greed on some people's part, and a few other if's an ands. The change from Sunday as the go to meeting days, to a good day to go shopping came as the people prospered. There came in a desirer to worship the blessings rather than the "Blesser." Shopkeepers used to close so they could go too. Us old timers are getting pretty thin that go back to the, "do with what you have" days of the depression and dust bowel. A lot of valuable and important team players came out of those training years.

One of the use of the word Franchiser is: One who has the authority to give a right. Sometimes society fails or doesn't want to give the right to others members of society. In the case of "bullies" they assume a right they do not have. Are we as a nation bypassing the right to answer to our Maker, and slowly disfranchising ourselves, from individual moral and ethical principles, set down by the Eternal Being? Even a fat cat will grow skinny when his feed is diminished and he is not allowed to hunt for food. A scrawny stray will get lazy and fat when given food and doesn't have to scrounge for food.

Rev. Frank Brown, The Country Parson

Morrisville, Pa.

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