To the Editor:

Last Sunday I ate at a New England chain restaurant, their logo is a couple of numbers, that come before ten, sitting side-by-side in lucky hoof-ware. I ordered the grilled seasoned salmon, it was the closest thing to vegetarian on the menu, I'm not a strict vegetarian, and it was also lower in calories than most of the other options, I try to eat healthy even when I eat out. The salmon was cooked to perfection, but I found myself reminded, with each bite, of the newly FDA approved "Frankenfish", the genetically modified Atlantic salmon that, thanks to a lab is part pacific salmon and part eel, which isn't salmon at all. The splicing has created a pseudo salmon that reaches maturity in 18 months rather than the natural three years.

Because no laws require the labeling of GMOs I was, possibly, eating "not" salmon, and when you buy salmon steaks at your local or chain market you could also be eating something that is actually not salmon. At this point in time there is nothing to verify that genetically modified foods are safe to consume, in fact, there are many studies that show just the opposite, such as sterility and tumors in lab rodents fed GMO grains. I am not okay being a guinea pig in a bio-tech experiment, I want a label so that I can decide whether or not to be apart of that experiment.

This is my body, the only body I'll have in this lifetime, and its health is my responsibility, not the FDA's, not Monsanto's, mine, so I need to know what is in my food and if that food has been altered in a lab.

Please join me and call your representatives and tell them to vote YES on bill H.112, to vote YES on labeling GMOs, because you should have the right to know as well.

Jonathan Forrest

Sutton, Vt.


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