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Get Help For Substance Abuse Problems

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Get help for substance abuse problems

To the Editor:

Governor Shumlin has made a commitment to help individuals in our state combat addiction as it is ruining many lives and families in our state. Every individual with a substance abuse problem should take the initiative to get help for themselves or help others to do that.

There are different choices you can make; in-patient, out-patient, detox or medication assisted treatment. Mental Health might be a part of your treatment if you have a co-occurring disorder. Alcohol or drugs will ruin your life and there is no reason to let it when help is available now. Some people question medicated assisted treatment because they feel it's just taking another drug, but it's not. Some people can't go "cold turkey."

This doesn't mean it's for life but if you do need it for awhile or for life the alternative is where you already are. "Addicted."

If you are incarcerated you now can get help so when you get out you'll have a healthy start. Every treatment is individualized. A lot of the process is learning to choose a different method to deal with whatever started you using in the first place and how to change that behavior and/or talk about it. You have to find what works for you and be committed to change. It might take a couple attempts but the key is to never give up. Get treatment, utilize the skills and start the healing process. Don't wait until those that you loved have passed away and you'll never be able to see them again or tell them that you love them. Don't wait until your health is deteriorated or permanently damaged and don't wait until your children have grown up and you weren't able to give 100%.

There is some reluctance about giving medication to pregnant women and young adults but the help is available and there are options. Don't wait please!

Linda Holden

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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