Going downhill fast

To the Editor:

How ironic that the new model of "industrial agriculture" has adopted wage slavery (S-238), along with polluting our waterways with liquid manure runoff, polluting our air with formaldehyde from cow "foot-baths" allowed to be dumped into the manure pits, pumping up cows with hormones, feeding grass designed cows corn that makes them sick and then treating the same sick animals with tons of antibiotics and then promoting their product as a "wholesome" beverage while maintaining that none of these drugs and chemicals flow from them into us?

Why is it that smaller organic dairies can pay a decent wage and not harm the animals, the land, the rivers, and need undocumented slave wage earners and the cows actually leave their barns, feel the sun, and sleep in the dark? What's next after the "licenses" for the undocumented slaves, licenses for the prostitutes that seem to have been following them to these same "large farms"?

And why isn't our U.S. Attorney General Tristan Coffin prosecuting these farmers who arrange to traffic in human misery along with the illegal aliens who brought the prostitutes up to the "farms?" After all they had names, farm contacts and GPS coordinates of the conspirators when they busted the pimps, aren't these federal RICO violations of human trafficking?

I guess folks will only wake up when everyone sees the algae blooms getting so thick they can walk along the lake surface from Burlington to Plattsburgh before we return to small scale, dry manure, let the cows out of the barn, no drugging, and hire-local dairies. There was a real reason why the lake was clean when cows outnumbered people some 40-50 years ago and and a real "farm-family" was able to care for the herd. Like everything else things go downhill fast when they go "industrial scale."


Steve Merrill

North Troy, Vt.


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