Ground hog day

To the Editor:

After attending the St. Johnsbury School Board meetings I feel as if I am in the movie Ground Hog Day. It is a movie where every morning the main character wakes up and replays the day before, over and over and over again, and this is how I have felt in monitoring and attending these meetings for the last 10 years.

The conclusion I have come to after all of this time is that we have a serious lack of leadership in the district. Nothing ever changes; it all just gets played back, over and over again. The reoccurring themes include poor performance, deficits, surpluses, high school tuition students, safe routes to school, the food service budget, and special education costs.

The citizens of the town of St Johnsbury have been totally underserved by the leadership in place. We have had the "transformation" model shoved down our throats, with who knows what improvements being realized. The whole leadership team should have been scrapped a long time ago; they made a scapegoat of one principal in order to placate themselves and yet the status quo continues. The school board continues to look outward to place blame, the Feds, the State, the parents, the "poor" children.

The time is way past due that they look internally at the leadership in place and make the changes necessary for any significant changes to take place. I have a real fear that 10 years from now I will wake up from what I think is a dream and yet see we are exactly where we are now, with another generation of our children lost to mismanagement.

Trudie Baker

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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