Department of Homeland Security's latest purchases

To the Editor:

DHS is hoarding ammunition to the point that some local law enforcement groups are experiencing shortfalls. They currently have at least 1.6 billion bullets which is enough ammo to shoot every man, woman, and child in the USA four to five times. Many of said bullets are hollow points, which are not typically used for target practice because they are more expensive. They are also illegal under the "International Rules of War" . DHS has also just recently purchased 7,000 select-fire (you select how many bullets are fired by pulling the trigger just once) hand guns allegedly for self protection. They have also purchased 2,700 light armored tank-like vehicles similar to those used in Afghanistan, but with skids on the side so personnel can stand on them to deploy quicker. Their latest purchase is $2,000,000 worth of "No Hesitation Targets." These are targets of pregnant women, the elderly, children , etc. Remember, these are not "Select Targets", they are "No Hesitation Targets" as in you shoot whatever pops up so long as they look like they have a gun in hand.

What is DHS preparing for? I can think of four scenarios. (1) Muslim Jihadest have been coming across our Southern Border for some time. Perhaps there are currently enough Terror Cells to warrant these preparations. (2) Approximately 60% of our country is experiencing drought conditions and most of it is severe to extreme. Our food supplies are already lower than usual because of last year's drought. Rising food prices and/or serious food shortages could cause chaos--especially in our larger cities. (3) Perhaps this administration does not see our debt as a crisis because they think it is already too late. A collapsing economy would cause serious chaos and rioting. (4) They want to be ready to assist FEMA in the case of a natural disaster serious enough to need refugee type encampments. However, the "No Hesitation" targets still bother me.

Linda Haslam

Lyndonville, Vt.


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