I never knew the feeling of HATE

To the Editor:

I never thought I could hate a person as much as I do. Allen Prue has made me think horrible, sick thoughts of what I would like to do to him. I can't believe someone would ever make me feel this way. So many people come up to me and tell me terrible things they would like to do to him as well, bad thoughts that no person should think. Therefore, I can not call him a person, he is NOT a human being, for one doesn't think and act in a way he did towards Melissa. He is a monster! I don't like how it makes me feel. I have disliked people before, but the HATE I feel towards this monster has been controlling my life for the past 2 1/2 years. Now we can take that hate and put it behind us with thanks to the 12 jurors from Chittenden County, whose names I will never know, but could never thank enough. They had to put their lives on hold for 12 days to listen, to process, to deliver a guilty verdict, while also saving others from its harm. Hearing what this monster did, and looking at pictures of what it did to Melissa, I am sure made the jurors feel the same hate we have felt for so long.

State's Attorney Lisa Warren, her team, and the Vermont State Police have put in so many hours of hard work to make sure our hate towards this monster is served. Lisa has told me she loves her job, and you can tell as she presents herself flawlessly when she is put on the spot. Never doubt the power of a woman, especially with the strength of her team, and the VSP. With that in mind, I have to tell Pat O'Hagan's family, they have the best team working on finding justice, as I am sure they too have found the true meaning of hate. Nobody wins, as we will never get Melissa back, but the hate could stop, and it may, when we never hear from this monster again.

Some people hate the Defense Attorney, Bob Katims, and wonder how he can sleep at night. But, is the hate you feel really directed towards him? He was appointed to the case and I believe he too knows what the outcome should be, but did his job the best he could, with what he had to work with. And he too knows where that monster should end up. As I was sitting in the courthouse day after day I sometimes did feel like a hated Mr. Katims, and I also hated the annoying light humming heard behind me, someone's bracelets clanging, and even my loved ones trying to comfort me. I was just very tense. But I realize that isn't hate towards them, the thing I hated was the monster 12 feet from me. Don't direct your hate towards Mr. Katims either, as he was just doing his job.

Love your children, teach them right from wrong, and they will learn from you! If you can't wrap your head around what this monster did to Melissa and it gives you a sick feeling of hate, than know you are normal! Take the feeling of hatred and throw it away with this monster's name. Remember Melissa and the good feelings she gave to us all, with her smile and her good deeds, as she would do anything for anyone. Take Melissa's good and stop the hate!

Meridith Berry

Lyndonville, Vt.


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