I think it is time

To the Editor:

Now that some states are changing their thought on marijuana it is time Vermont jumps on the band wagon and do the same. I have been preaching this for years because if there is a way that you could take all the tax money from the sales of pot and put it strictly to education funding the property taxes on Vermonters would be almost nothing compared to today's taxes. I know I can hear them now how can we use drug money for educating our children. Pot is no different than alcohol in fact if you ask law enforcement the majority would tell you they have a lot less problems with someone smoking pot than drinking alcohol. So let's get some people in office that dares to speak the truth and help out all of the Vermonters that are losing their homes to tax sales because of the education bills. I am not complaining because we need to educate our children but why should seniors and a lot of other people have to suffer because of stuff shirts that say taxing pot and making it legal is not right. Get a grip and save thousands of peoples homes that they have worked for their whole lives and lets give these people who want to smoke a little weed a chance to buy it legally. Actually I thought I would never see it in my lifetime but a lot of the old stuff shirts are either finally retiring their easy pushy living off the people or dying off. Now it is the time to make this state or break it. This state was the first to do the gay union and a couple other things and Colo. beat us on the legal selling of pot. It was such a big hit in Colo. that they are running out of the legal pot that they can sell because they have to save a certain portion for the people with the cards for pain.

So let's get going this year and make it a great year for the people of Vermont so a lot of them can breath a little easier when it comes to tax day.

Please if anyone else agrees with this issue then speak out now before it gets run into the ground again. Talk to your reps if you agree with me and let them know how you feel. They do suppose to work for us you know.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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