In reply to Bob Williamson's letter

To the Editor:

Mr. Williamson ... guns don't hurt people, people hurt people or themselves. I am thinking that you are not a hunter or a gun owner yourself, and ignorance about gun owners is no excuse to think that any law-abiding, responsible gun owner needs a law to tell them how to safely store their weapon. A law will not teach an irresponsible person to change their ways, it is just one more around the corner shot at gun control.Please leave our rights alone!

On the other hand ... if you are someone who has moved here and are unhappy with our laws please feel free to move back or to somewhere else that has the gun laws you want and that seems to feel it is right to use children's graves as their soapbox. No new gun laws in Vermont, please.

Phyllis Litherland

Granby, Vt.


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