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In Support Of Debi Warner - Jeffrey Richards

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In support of Debi Warner

To the Editor:

Dear New Hampshire voters: There are two people this year that are running for New Hampshire State Senate, District 1. This district is perhaps the most difficult district in all of New Hampshire to represent, as it runs from Thornton to Canada, 2,253 square miles, making up 34 towns, 1 city, and 23 unincorporated entities. In fact, Dixville Notch, best known for as being the "first in the nation" to cast its votes in the primaries is a vital part of this district. There is only one person for District 1 that can represent the historic and proud New Hampshire North Country and I am a proud supporter of Dr. Debi Warner, of Littleton, N.H.

Dr. Warner and her family have called the North Country their home for the last 23 years, residing in Littleton. She is a well-known psychologist in the Littleton area, working with the area youth, families, couples, and individuals. Dr. Warner has also been a proud advocate and supporter for Littleton area sports teams, as well as, creating her own radio show, entitled "Renovation Psychology: Putting The Home Team To Work". For two seasons, the Dr. Debi show took questions from Washington D.C. radio stations all the way to WSTJ, in Vermont, answering questions on the subject of home renovations and the importance of solving those family group problems that can be so frustrating to hurdle when undergoing a full home renovation while raising a family.

Dr. Warner also has a great wealth of knowledge as well as personal dedication in maintaining the North Country's cultural integrity. Her work on what was known as the "Highland Croft" project, demonstrated her commitment to preservation of the North Country's unique heritage. She knows its importance to our local people, as well as for economic development in the tourist industry; cultural preservation in the form of museums and the arts.

I encourage all North Country citizens to vote for Dr. Debi Warner on November 6, 2012. Your vote is a vote for not only strong leadership, but for true representation of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Thank you.

Jeffrey A. Richards

Hendersonville, N.C.


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