Incompetent Congress

To the Editor:

In my humble opinion, the apparent incompetence of our Congress is disgusting. They have no compassion for the people they represent. They are deaf to our voices and have an approval rating of 10% or less, the lowest in our nation's history. This means that 90% of hard-working, struggling American taxpayers disapprove of their job performance and realize that, either they do not know or they do not care. Ignorance or apathy? Both, and we the voters who gave them such power must do a better job.

If this elite and inept group worked for me in the private sector, it wouldn't be for long!

Their ludicrous record proved they are aloof and since the shut down didn't hurt them, had no problem with hurting others in our country. I'm not sure they are competent to shut down anything, especially the government. Pay them what they deserve, 10% of minimum wage or whatever percent their approval rate has earned.

Well, that is my opinion, you are welcome to yours. Thank you.

Trudy Ann Parker

Lunenburg, Vt.


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