IRS scam

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to hopefully inform the public about the IRS scam.

I received a telephone call from a person who said he was from the IRS. He gave his name and said it was about a past return. I told him he should contact my accountant and he quickly said no no no.

This worried me. I said I would call him back and asked for his name again and phone number and the what year return. He said between 2008 and 2012. I thought it strange that it was more than one year.

I immediately called my accountant and she said the IRS usually sends a letter first. I had not received a letter and she thought it was a scam and was going to notify the IRS.

My thoughts went to people who do not have accountants. Would they give information over the phone. I had not heard anything about IRS scams. If I did not have an accountant I would probably have given information over the phone. I hear IRS and want to co-operate.

But it should not be that way. The IRS should not have that power. There are approximately 2,500 taxpayer returns that were shared with the White House. The IRS should not have given the White House any taxpayer privileged information. The White House should not have access to any of this information. Now the White House says it will not turn over the information because it is privileged information and yet the White House has the privileged information.

This must be stopped and we must find out what information has been given to the White House. Congress must do something now.

President Obama has consistently worked outside the law and Congress does nothing. Let's hope next year's Congress is different.

Linda Riley

Meredith N.H.

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