Is anyone at the PSB listening?

To the Editor:

As someone that submits a decent amount of information to not only the Public Service Board, the Department of Public Service, the Siting Board and newspapers it has obviously been a wasted effort in the case of the PSB. Perhaps the hearing officer, Brigette Remington and the PSB will read this letter and question the recent decision to approve SMW's Met Tower application.

All supporting information and documentation of the following letter was submitted to the PSB months ago.

A Board of Governors meeting on Feb. 11th in the UTG Municipal Offices was attended by the major players of the Industrial Wind Project originally planned for Newark, Brighton and Ferdinand. The landowner, Dan Ouimette, and two of the developers, John Soinonen and Jack Kenworthy from Eolian, none of them residents of Vermont, decided to present a proposal for 18-20 turbines in Ferdinand not only fine tuning their offer with a dollar amount but suggesting how financials could be handled. Most of the BOG members seemed to be caught off guard and the threesome were told the board was remaining neutral and not ready to entertain a proposal at this time. My question was simple, how could they be offering a proposal when their Met tower application hadn't been approved yet. The question of the necessity for data seemed to have taken a backseat in the race to get the UTG's signature on a contract.

Fast forward to March 11th again in the Municipal Offices of the UTG. As I entered the room the BOG were reading a letter and were, I believe, in a serious discussion. I asked if they were in Executive Session, they said no and put aside the paper. Mr. Soinonen arrived and shortly after the meeting was called to order he again laid out a proposal asking if they'd all read the correspondence he'd sent.

Let's, for the moment, set aside the proposal issue and address the most important point of the evening. When Mr. Soinonen was asked why they no longer needed the Met Tower information to make certain the wind in Ferdinand would support a project, Mr. Soinonen stated they had enough data, what was missing their experts had extrapolated from the data already recorded from prior Met Towers and the met towers were no longer needed.

Let me repeat! All the supporting information and documentation of the above was sent to the PSB months ago!

SO??????? After a year of, not only financial costs but time as well, by the PSB, the DPS, the ANR, the Towns of Newark and Brighton and hundreds of individuals and groups, SMW/EOLIAN no longer need the Met Tower information? They can move on with an industrial wind project without the Met Towers??

Why exactly is the PSB now approving this application? Why instead, are the developers not paying the costs for wasting the time and financial resources of the State, the towns, the expenditures for expert testimony and all other costs associated with this monumental waste of time?

Is anyone at the PSB listening?

Pam Arborio

Brighton, Vt.


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