Joe Kenny for executive council

To the Editor:

I served in the N.H. Legislature when Joe Kenney represented his constituents and wish to tell the voters of Ray's Executive Council District that I believe the best candidate is Joe Kenny. Why? Because Joe knows how the state works he worked with DOT and DRED to make sure help went to his district. Part of the executive Councilor's job is to make sure state contracts awarded in his/her district. If his opponent has only been a county commissioner who basically made the county budget that taxed people from the towns in the county to run the county farm, courts, registry of deeds, sheriffs department, etc. at the taxpayers expense how will he know where the money is in state agencies?

The North Country a big contributor to the rooms and Meals Taxes and probably the most visited for its scenic vitas needs a man who will assure that his district will be well represented and that monies from state coffers will flow to the area for roads in order to get jobs. More importantly to attract industry which will bring jobs.

May I suggest that not only is Joe the most knowledgeable candidate for the executive Council but also the only one who has been in the service of his country protecting our rights so he well understands the individuals needs.

Please VOTE Joe Kenney on Jan 21 at the Special Election to replace Ray Burton. The North Country does not need an intern, they don't need a spender of your tax dollars they need a protector and knowledgeable man to serve them in Concord.


Harriet E. Cady

Deerfield, N.H.


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