Living in an insane country

To the Editor:

In view of the recent insanity of an individual's rampage in Newtown, Connecticut, it may be enlightening to ponder our insane society's response.

We live in a secular country that seems to (insanely) believe that human morality can be institutionalized by a secular government for good. Yet every law passed by our society is a moral law.

America today is not just red and blue (dramatically different moral views of the world), but a "rainbow" of differing moral outlooks. As a society, America has embraced a "moral value" of egalitarian freedom -- individualism. But over time, that very "moral value" has eroded any idea of common moral value. Those permanent values which predominated in all past Judeo-Christian societies are granted no special claim in the New Age of create-a-faith. As a society, America has become morally paralyzed. There can be no collective long-term goals or plans without common morality. As C. S. Lewis observed, that's like sending out a fleet of functional ships with no common port. Society can never arrive. No agreement on war, global warming, fracking, tax policy, the definition of marriage, gun control, when life begins, drug policy, etc. etc. These are all moral issues.

We have abdicated teaching any common morality, and we wonder why bankers, lawyers, politicians, and others lead us over a cliff with their immoral (self-focused) leadership. Our government is increasingly gridlocked because we the people are.

While Americans soul-search (!) for a societal response to the Newtown shootings, railing against guns, it escapes our national attention that Israeli snipers shot and killed 30 Palestinian children in a 19-month period, for "straying" too close to the Wall. (Time, December 3, 2012, p.37). Americans continue to provide weaponry and money to directly enable secular Israel in it's gradual genocide of a whole people, most of whom are children. Maybe the gun-control nuts should put their attention there for a while -- Israel is still shooting.

I have great compassion for the students in Connecticut. But guns did not kill them -- human malice did. And stunningly, our insane society will continue (Obama the foolish gun-phobic included) to fund and unquestioningly support state-sponsored malice and death by Israel. We have no moral authority to condemn Iran, or al Qaeda, or anyone else, as long as we ignore our moral obligations there. Did we not arm Saddam Hussein, Osama bin laden, the Shah of Iran, and many others? Are we to continue subsidizing such butchery even now? (Like Israel, they were our "allies"). But no, Americans will instead seek to take away other Americans' rights to defend themselves against this same government.

Meanwhile, emotional moralizers will foam at the mouth over guns instead of employing logic. Facts reveal that despite steadily increasing gun control, mass attacks like this have increased: there were fewer such attacks when gun regulations were more lax. Perhaps the real culprits in this problem are violent TV and movies, media fame for crime, or insufficient mental health care for the criminally insane. (see David Kopel, "Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown", The Wall Street Journal, 12/18/12). Restricting my Constitutional gun rights will do nothing to address these. However, these "moral problems" of increased lust for violence, increased likelihood of seeking fame through that same violence, and providing housing for the increasing numbers of insane and narcissistic citizens, have all been left unaddressed by our amoral society. Until we do so, I need my guns, as do our school officials, to protect us from the real problem -- godless people each with their own personal crazy religion.

However, I will donate my guns to charity if the U.S. government will stop providing child-killing guns to Israeli snipers with my tax dollars.....

John Klar

Irasburg, Vt.


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