Justice for Bill Bennett

To the Editor:

In my lifetime I have never seen a worse violation of human rights as in the case of Bill Bennett. This young man has been treated worse than most people would treat their animals. Bill has been moved more times than a nomad. Moved without any notice or consideration of the upheaval it would create with him or his family. Bill Bennett does have family, and is denied the family ties that are the fabric of any society. Bill has less freedom and stability in his life than many convicts.

The state agencies responsible for this miscarriage of justice are loaded with people that are incompetent due to lack of education and training, put into positions that can seriously damage the people they are supposed to be helping. The ones at the top that know better seemingly answer to nobody. There have been so many violations it boggles the mind that it continues to go on unchecked with no accountability!

The vindictive actions by some who only care about their jobs is disgraceful and I won't mention names because it is well known to many who they are. If Bill Bennett didn't have his mother, Tracy Gilman, advocating for him as she should, how much worse would Bill be treated? I wonder about the many that have no advocate? Financially, Tracy Gilman has struggled to earn a living and still do legal battle for Bill.

The state has taxpayer money and resources that the average citizen doesn't have and they wield this weapon with no mercy. When Bill is no longer under the state's thumb, they will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars and I wonder if that isn't the money trail?

The people in charge in the state of Vermont should be ashamed for allowing this kind of abuse to continue and the Attorney General should be doing an investigation in this matter. There is plenty of documentation to warrant it. Bill is my grandson, so I am close enough to this to have facts to back up what I am saying. I'm not just a prejudiced grandfather with blinders on.

Bill Bennett deserves the same justice as any American. A trial by judge and a jury of his peers, not a life sentence by any government entity!

Terry Gilman

Lunenburg, Vt.


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