Legislature costing taxpayers money!

To the Editor:

The fact came to me as a Supervisor of the elections that our Rep. Maureen Mann stated she had co-sponsored a bill to have audits of a percentage of towns elections.

Cost for the bill about $100,000. Now I suppose that depends on the town or cities picked to be audited what the cost will be.

But there appears to be no good reason for this bill.

A list of bills from our legislators especially Maureen Mann include hers on voting audits Jan 7 at 1:24 p.m. http://forumhome.org/report-from-the-legislature-sessions-begins-p20599-1.htm

Further all the election law changes cause our Help America Vote Act (HAVA) office to keep having to adjust the computer programing at a very high cost to write new programs, etc .

Not to say nothing of how the Supervisors in every town have to keep changing and working on checklists.

I would urge every citizen to look at costs of what their legislator is proposing for bills and ask is it really necessary to our lives? Is there a better way?

When I testified last year before election law I saw many bills to change what the previous legislature had done to make sure voters were legal to our state, can anyone imagine the cost to rewrite the computer programs for voting every time a law changes?

Please expose what goes into training for elections and why legislators should not keep making changes before well thought out costs are looked at for this small office of state government.


Harriet E. Cady

Deerfield, N.H.


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