Meetings at large

To the Editor:

You know it's funny when you watch the select board meetings and like always there are three of them that don't need to discuss the subject in the public meetings because they already made up their mind once Jim told them how to vote. You all know why and it doesn't take me to tell you what I believe is going on.

Is there anyone to curb the select board's decisions since they work for us? As far as Mr. Rust rules that he made up after he elected himself (might just as well with the other two sitting there like puppets) that if anybody wanted to see a selectman about an issue they need to go through the town clerk like they don't have enough to do already.

What makes them so "holier than thou" that local folks are not good enough to walk up and talk to them. In the past you could always talk to a board member anywhere on the street or wherever you meet them. If you think I am wrong just go back to the first meeting with Rust at the helm and that is one of the rules he put out. All I know is that for whoever is up for re-election in March, the town had better think hard and strong on who it wants to run this town or ruin this town.

What a shame! What they did to Arnold Park? If they would have left it up to the committee it would have cost a lot less and would not look like it does now. Why did they have to take out the trees and the wading pool under the Lady where for years people would like to sit up there and read a book or talk with a friend while they cooled off their feet? What a shame to Rust for doing that to the town's park, not his park even though he might think it is. I just hope the people of this town will start opening their eyes to all this.

So get out and enjoy this weather before the winter is upon us. And for the way Rust tried to squeeze into the town manager job I hope the town makes sure he doesn't get the job. It will really look bad if Rust were to take over the job. I could see the sparks flying now.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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