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Never Stop Rediscovering - Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo

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Never stop rediscovering

To the Editor:

Never Stop Rediscovering! Today small businesses are struggling and surrounded by economic doom and gloom, and business growth and business survival is critical to our entire nation's economy. Today as consumers, we import more than we export and job loss from this strategy has created economic devastation that affects the entire United States. It appears that our economic strategists have forgotten to leave the nation better than they found it; instead, they choose to get rich, at such an overwhelming cost to the rest of us. You cannot help wonder what has become the primary teaching in the top business schools, perhaps "Gluttony 501!"

In a devastating economy, developing renewed business success is critically dependent on cultural adaptability. Cultural adaptability is a rediscovering process critical to the survival of any business. Business complacency is an example of untrue leadership or non-leadership, any company that becomes complacent is certain to fail. The markets will continue to evolve, and the amount of market change is unknown; what is clear is that "The Markets Drive the Business" and business resiliency are vital to capture this market change. Rediscovering business success and having the right people on the bus is not enough, more important is having the right people in the right seat; this is a never-ending rediscovering process. All the books that have been written about the rediscovering process can be summed up into one rule; "Rediscover, rediscover often, and never stop rediscovering your business". Businesses managed by this rule create success in all directions, is fun to work at, have the very high morale and low employee turnover, and rediscovering is the spirit of success! Self is influenced by rediscovery, the natural by-product becomes amazing possibilities, resulting in sustainable success!

Dr. Pietro (Pete) Savo

US. Navy Veteran

Mont Vernon, N.H.


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